The New Flesh

by Top $ Raz

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"....What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, and if it doesn’t you’re already dead. This is Darwinism 101, the strong survive and the weak dies or learns to surround itself with the strong. Funny how all systems mimic that of the human body, from computers all the way to air conditioners, every system mimics the perfection of the human system. The same thing can be said about social system. Survival of the fittest mimics the survival of the body. What doesn’t kill you makes your body stronger. If you get chicken pox you’ll never get it again, you’re too strong for it. The scars we develop are tougher, thicker, and smoother than the skin before it. Beginning guitar players may complain about sensitive fingertips, but those strong enough to keep at it will soon develop callus that will protect them from irritation. These are all literal examples of “new flesh”, but like I said “The New Flesh” is less literal.
A woman dates an abusive man whose sole purpose is to beat and torture her. She survives the relationship, and not in the sense that she gets out of it alive, but rather she learns from it like the animals learn to adapt to climate change. It’s one thing to find a hiding place in colder climates, yes this can be seen as survival, but a woman that learns to never let another man hurt her like that again—now that’s like growing fur and becoming something brand new. That’s evolution. When she learns to love herself and choose to love those who will return it, she has become the new flesh. This is what “The New Flesh” means. It’s about being stronger in every sense of the word"


released February 22, 2011

8,14 additional vocals by Grace K

1 prod. by Coole High and Thinker, 2. prod. by The Aqua League, 3,7 prod. by DJ Flow, 4,5,13,14 prod. by Coole High, 6. prod. by Spills, 8,10,11 prod. by Thinker, 9. prod. by J57, 12 prod. by J Monopoly, 15 prod. by KO Beatz, 16 prod. by Dr. Khil , 14 additional bass provided by Kyle McEwan, guitar by Harold Mccummings

Top $ Raz album "The New Flesh"

Executive produced by Coole High and Terrence "Thinker" Kelly

Recorded and Mix by Mic Blaque for Rhythm & Lyrics Studios

Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr.



all rights reserved


Top $ Raz Far Rockaway, New York

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Track Name: Mountains
Mountains may crumble (uh)
But I know I will never break
I pick the world up it’s heavy – breathe
But my knees will never shake!
New flesh armor
Yes I’m stronger
I’m blessed—that’s my karma

Bridge x2
Long as I’m breathing
I’m trying
Now feet don’t fail me now
Sometimes it feels like
I’m dying,
But I soon shall have my crown

Verse 1
Rap game got me going insane
My train of thought in the sam lane
Biggie was slain
They say-
You could die if you chasing the fame
I said you could stand still and get hit w/
A stray-so!
You might as well move it
Everybody the best but aint nobody prove it
I am not losing!
Look at what I withstand
I could run a marathon even if I’m standing on quicksand (raah!)
Push up on air
Shine through all fog and anti-glare
How could I!
Ever be scared when
I been in Far Rock for 22 years
Show no fear
Even when the guns pop
Me, I got the same face [Malcolm] X had in the mugshot
Fret not
Black fist...GIL SCOTT!
Uplift givin' half off to the have nots

Bridge x2

Verse 2
Lord have mercy
Momma had no choice where she birthed me
They all curse me
But they cant hurt me
Cuz I’m to strong and I’m too worthy
See my name’s on scrolls and papyrus
Of those who’s chosen to prevail over vices
They all hopin' I fall like Leonidas
But I’m golden like King Midas
Plus got flows unfold like gysers
I’m just…
One step from a suicide
Two steps from me getting signed
So it’s do or die – ha
I see the rules but I don’t abide
So wise up brother
No excuse we both had poor mothers
All of us…is too black too strong
To ever fall back been fighting too long—
Push on!

Track Name: The One

Sometimes I WAKE UP!
Thinking I’m Nat Turner
Like fuck a slave master
I’mm do what I wanna
Consider myself an owner
I’m more than a performer
Or backpack rapper that’s my city on my shoulder
Yeah! I go beyond it.
Yo! I turn bionic
From where the skinny die
But my mind is brolic
See my moms is crying
See my pops is trying
But only providing enough to keep us for dying
I’m at war with the gods for the sake of my tomorrow
You on amateur night
I’m down in Hades with Apollo
But they cannot pierce me my flesh is to hollow
They can only scratch me on the records or serato.
Surrounded by the fiends with addictions that they follow
Scratching on their neck, or scratching on the lotto
I used to want the money
But now I want the truth-yeah
You can have the paper but it’s yesterday’s news

I got nothing to lose
And everything to win
See they trynna give me nine
But I’m waiting on the ten
And you looking at the one!
You looking at the one! (whoo)
You looking at the one! (whoo)
You looking at the one! (whoo)
Yo- I’m so close!
I’m bout to get the win
See they trynna give nine
But I’m waiting on the ten
I be looking for the one! (whoo)
I’m looking for the one
I’m looking for the one
I’m looking for the one

Verse 2
Sometimes I WAKE UP!
Thinking that I’m an angel
See when you that fly know the devil gon’ hate you
They may throw stones
Yeah, try to degrade you
But never turn your back cuz you know the streets made you
That’s how I make these songs realest shit on every record
I was made from the block my soul is a like a Tetris
All my people are starving like what the fuck is breakfast
So we just want some food give a fuck about a necklace
But I’m getting wiser switching up my methods
Getting better by the ten
You measure me in metrics!
Yeah I’m still here stuck in that Ocean Village
Where they acting like the romans
The raping or the pillage, can you dig it
Not the sentence but the grave
Think it’s time that I be brave
Cuz if I don’t work hard
Then the road cannot be paved
And- this is not the music for the ones
Who had it made
For the rough, to this day
My grandmomma still a maid, whatcha say?!


Verse 3

Sometimes I WAKE UP!
Thinking I’m Helen Keller
Blind to the light
But I’m soaring like propellers.
Aint hearing what you tell us
Aint buying what you sell us
And when you call us “nigger”
I know really that you jealous.
Yeah, I’m so close but I’m so far
I treat life like it’s no god
It’s so precious
You only get ONE
So I’m doing what I want
Cuz it’s all on me when its all said and done
They be looking for the light
I be grabbing on the sun
I was playing for the heart
Like I’m beating on the drum
At the half-way point another hundred miles to run
And you know that I aint stopping
Till I’m coughing up a lung.
Yeah! I go hard like a Spartan
I’m a man stand tall
Even when I’m starving
So in the heat of the night my stomack sticking to my ribs
You respect motherfucker you could call me Mr. Tibbs!

Track Name: So Beautiful
Verse 1

Champion Olympic medal with the fist up
Get sharp. Tell them other boys fix up
Uh, yeah, I should get my chips up
But I’m still the man I could still get my dick sucked
AYE! My life fantastic
Don’t this sound like the money in the mattress?
That, “thank god I aint sitting in a casket!”
That re-up shit, it’s what you live for bastaaaard!
Uh, tell ‘em Top Dolla got this!
Plants seed in concrete
I be like a botanist
I could see myself in every ghetto optic
I could never fail, uh, failure not an option
Start button on freeze
I got, no choice but to play that game
I know them ghetto boys feel my pain
Protesting but it still don’t change
Brought umbrellas but I’m still gon’ rain aye!

Hoes down. G’s up.
I’m relaxed, lemonade with the feet up
Uh, them boys cant see us
I’m just showing off trying to see if you can keep up
Aye! And it sound so beautiful.
Aye! Don’t it look so beautiful
Aye! My chick so beautiful
Every rhyme I kick so beautiful

Verse 2

Baby I’m a boss
I don’t know what they do
I drop BOMBS
And I don’t need a label
Chilling in Olympia
Holla like, “Hey Zues”
When I’m in the booth I’m a god
Call me Jesus
Uh, “hey you…aint you
That boy from the gutter you the only one
To breakthrough?”
Yeah, that’s me. No payola I pay dues.
IHD on the shirt, yea we work
Uh, I’m on a 24/7 grind
Yah too late and you’re girlfriend too fine
You wait I already hit two times
Do shine, yeah, give a fuck about who signed
No introduction, this is like an epilogue
Baby I’m a star they should put me on a synagogue
Life’s a bitch, I fuck her like a dog
Word is born, it aint nothing
This is nothing like a song, this is war! Aye!

Track Name: Don't Mind feat. Ciph Diggy & Alvietron

You are
Fit for the bosses
Or lordy baby new flesh
So gorgeous
So thick couldn’t fit her in a portrait
Top heavy, she gon’ try to fit it in a corset
You make a grown man’s knees shake
So fly had to make her to do a replay
Excuse Miss won’t bore you with lines
I’m bout to keep it real blunt
And I hope you don’t mind
You see I could come inside
It’s 60s minutes but I’m knowing you gon’
Come in 5
Look in your eyes. I’m knowing that you feel the vibe
So spend the night and I can make you feel alive
I’m a gentleman I wont get explicit but check it
I get it purring when I’m licking a kitten now can you dig it
Been watching you like television
I get you comfy let you tell your business
I let you tell them bitches…
Track Name: Cold/Fresh
Far Rock!
Home of the gun clap lords
But I make all street gangs hold their applause
Chill…moment of silence
I came to fuck that girl
Fuck violence
I part through all legs and break hymens
Call me the right hand man: Joe Biden
My assignment: smack fools, Frankie Lymons
Make it to the top of the game without signage
Or cosignment, I confide in them? Uh…
NEVER THAT, Kunta don’t shed no tears
Call me a leatherback
So tell these cats to stop riffin, I’m fresh to death
My stylist a mortician
Ha, the new waves these cats is all ripples
I’m cold as ice I’m giving wives the hard nipples

It’s like! Fall Back or
Hold that!
Bump that check, I came to get more stacks!
Don’t make me have to say it again
Yo High! Tell ‘em boys who the fuck I am!
Well I’m cold/fresh cool as a breeze
Aint none of yall little homies seeing my steeze
And you already know I’m the man
You High! Tell ‘em boys who the fuck I am!

Verse 2
I’m top billing
Gimme that gimme more g’s
A cold villain you can call Victor Von Freeze
I’m so high from up here suckas cant breath
It’s no lie got every shorty loving my steeze
Now hold up…Tell me if you wanna catch wreck
I wu-BANG! You better protect your kneck
It’s no thang Orangutans all in my set
It aint fair, please don’t even place no bets
No sir, uh-uh I don’t recommend it
This right here cannot be reprimanded
Uh, talk shit and I don’t get offended
I play D, cacth re’, get offensive
I eat emcees feed me seconds
Time is of the essence
No free seconds
So if you got beef I suggest you steppin’
Cuz we don’t shoot fair it’s quicker to shoot weapons!


Verse 3

Now this is when it all gets quiet
Right when Raheem died
Right before the riot
Before the cops come and you hearin’ all the sirens
Before the first tear and you hear ya momma cryin…
This here’s the calm before the storm
It’s on, and you don’t even know what’s going on
By the time you figure out you yell mayday
You cant phone home or text out Yele
Hey,hey, them say
Temper too short he quick to go mêlée
They put me in a suit but I’m still too thorough
Plus CAVALIER told me I should rep my borough
So…it’s Far Rock on my mind
No lie, I’m like the Carhatt blue jean dye
Means I’m- so hood even if I die
Through the murals that’s reciting my lines (NOW THAT’S COLD!)

Track Name: The Holy Ghost feat. Scienze
I was always told!
Nothing worth selling your soul
What good’s a trophy motherfucker that you cant take home
My fate is like etched in the stone
This is my destiny it’s meant for me to sit in the throne (let’s go!)
Clench fist infinity gauntlet
Gemstone Raz, the victory is flawless
Prince Rasheem why you fuckin with the paupers?
Why the fuck I need an office – nah!
See baby I’m an ar-tist
Rest of them repeat my lines like an RT
God at the rap bar jargon
Every line from the mind push the margin-
I much rather chill in the Hamptons
But my blood stream pump the genes of Fred Hampton – SO!
So…they appointed me the leader!
Rapper turn preacher hope the holy ghost reach ya- GO!

I could see the future (future)
Devil gon’ seek ya (seek ya)
Warning through the speaker
Hope the holy ghost reach ya – GO!

Verse 2

It’s not the underground this is deep cover
Infiltrate the game from up under
While they slumber
Top Dolla
Make moves push numbers
You push daisies – fucka!
You must be bat shit crazy
Streets made me
Rottweiler with the rabies
Foaming at the mouth like the fiends from the 80’s
No maybes. Teach babies
Tell that black bitch she a lady and aint lazy
Nah…she just takin’ breaks from the slavery
Show bravery. Rep the all black navy
Tall as the beanstalk baby
Wind blow hard but the leaves never shaky
Listen I, got a telegraph from heaven
Half sentence
Read 1-8-7
So load clips know the mind is a weapon
I could show you how to take shots in one lesson- GO!

Chorus x2
Track Name: Jack & Coke Flow
I’m at the bar and I’m sippin on a Jack & Coke
I’m in the corner where they allowing you to a smoke
I had a smile but in my mind trynna cope
I swear to god any other day I wouldn’t toke
But…tonight seem different
Still shaking cold sweats from my last night vision
I was 40 years old and never made it
And couldn’t write single song cuz my talent faded
But hold up! It’s just a dream better wake up!
You’re ten feet away two seconds from the breakup
You’re staring at your shorty
Like honey
I know this sound funny
But I cannot love you
Cuz I don’t really love me
You look surprised, I suggest you find another guy
Who can do more
Than just survive
Still scratching on the surface of the Devil’s pie
Was greed and pride
The only thing that’s in my eyes?
Track Name: Love Me No More
This is that new flesh
Toughin’ your skin
Or end up like the ashes or the dust in the wind
I kept it real from beginning to end
I’m destined to win
Emerged from the war with every one of my limbs
I get Castro, this aint fashion
This is fascist
This aint black it’s African magic
So abbra-kaddab it
I gotta have it
I excel, you happy if you happen to manage – ha
And now you mad like you gave me a red cent
If I was broke
Wouldn’t pay half my rent
My money was spent
On some nights nothing I ate
My mom stressed! Trynna keep her section 8
But wait!
I got potential yea, I got a large sum
You envy cuz you look at yourself see that you have none
So throw pennies in wells and wish that I’m dead.
Point fingers at me
Pretend they red dots on my, loser.

I put the streets on my back (streets on my back)
I put the truth on these tracks
But they don’t love me no more
They don’t love me no more (they don’t love me no more)
I put my life on the line (life on the line)
I gave you all that is mine
But they don’t love me no more
They don’t love me no more (they don’t love me no more)

Verse 2

And now you look at me like I got it made
I gave you a hand
You fuckers want the arm and the leg
Now look at the nerve these suckas is brave
I remember at my very own show you aint remember my name –ha
And now you trynna get a piece of my fame
If you in a drought
I wouldn’t give a drop of the reign
No contest
We are not one in the same
I’m complex
I just make it look simple and plain – yo!
I was like King Kong
You was that white chick
In other words I carried you dog
Is this the thanks that I get – yo!
I am the king I am the highness
These court jesters
Throw stones at the finest
I gave you truth
I gave you heart I gave you kindness
And now you fools
Try to rebuke try to minus
My very soul
But you know how it goes
Love you when you pitiful
But send shots right as soon as your belly full – fucker


Verse 3

Yo, I was just trynna have success
I guess
Nothing’s good if it’s in excess, hah
I thought that doe was the exception
I learned my lesson
I lost friends caught depression
I got the message
I’m Optomist Prime
Fighting with deception
I aint even in my prime – nah
I’m in my progression – listen
Every second every minute
Got a better flow
But the new you couldn’t fuck with my three days ago
So do yourself a favor
And get yourself a job
And if you really want me dead, then you should pray to God.
Tell him that I be flawed.
And that your karma’s perfect
And if he grant your wish
Then maybe I deserved it
But if he show you signs
That this world is mine
Go kill yourself cause then the truth is that assonine
My shorty told me “they gon hate you baby that’s fine
But then you tell them
‘fuck the world’ until your shine,” yo

Track Name: THE PLAGUE feat. YC the Cynic
Verse 1 (Top $ Raz)

That Crack cause a helluva vex
So round here its codename is Oedipus Rex
I seen fiends get scared
Gouge their own eyes out
But they can still smell and hear
When the pies out
That crack rock bumpy like brail
You feel it with your fingers while it measure on the scale
Welcome to hell
The humble don’t prevail
Devil got it for cheap by crack on wholesale
Thieves OT find we in the motel 6-6-6
Fiends ring on the doorbell
Forgive us. Lord give us
Strength to survive this world is so vicious
They give us…more liquor
Match made in hell our wives is Morticia
I live ah in a
Far Rock Jungle
You get shot if they ever see you stack bundles
You prayin to God why bother?
When most girls get on their knees for our father
In exchange for drugs for their mommas
Poor daughters…where’s Karma?
She been out since twelve on the corner
Push up bra high heels and red garters
Hopin’ for death Russian roulette different partners
Suicide hard task but life’s harder RRRRAA!!!

Chorus x2

It's a city it's a plague
It's a goddamn shame
Where we live
What is?
BX...Far Rock
More stress...Hard Knocks

Verse 2 (YC the Cynic)

Even if you make it, congratulations
But, you've got no forms of formal training
Only way to survive the duration's, to pray to a pagan god or go Mason
Go cry to Allah, Lord save'em from low wages, sub par subordination
Cats willing to die to call Satan, with a false notary board to hold sanction
Why you fighting so hard, stop straining
We've yet to see a parade that's NOT raining
Everyday of the week there's cops training
To betray our language
It int worth the time to be patient
Petty crimes get us a trial to be taken
We aint even surprised they're playing favorites
Who's in them court cases, Caucasians
Don't dare to slip, coordination's a big part in being part of the correlation
There's a definite raise in probation
As soon as you reach a race and location
Its an arm and leg to make payments
Paper is worth nathan, thanks to Reagan
You'd be getting a glimpse of trained hatred
Better off being encaged for vacation

Chorus X2
Track Name: War & Peace
I could see the pressure getting closer to my iris
I got that
New flesh full metal mindset
Ah, yes
No stress
I flex
Terminator bicept
One stretch, pick the whole world up
I could lift the people like a motherfucking curl up
What’s up?!
Come again – LOUDA!
Mic check- hold up…
Son these cats for coming at your dad
I’m Maximus, you more like a maxi-pad
An activist for peace
But I’m quick to jab
Any motherfucker thinkin’ my shit’s to grab
I’m on the map
All crowds known to clap
I go to war for the army of the boom and bap
Thinker-breaker one nine
I’mma study law, they still runnin’ from the one-time
Go head, detonate, ready, set, blow mine
And I’m like Voltron:
My form’s ahead when it’s showtime – PEACE!


They only need a reason
And I was only trying to give them something to believe in
So tell me what it is,
They say they want a reason
Say the want war,
But I don’t believe them
So when you see him
You lookin’ at a beast
Cuz I take it to the jungle
I don’t take it to the streets
If you sending me a team
What you sending it a feast
But they don’t want war
What they really want is peace – PEACE!

Verse 2

New language, uh
All mathematical
Call me square root, cuz I’m radical
I aint lookin at you,
I be looking passed you
They say that I’m cocky
But aint nobody ask you – fuck off!
I’m on!
Higher level residence
Lunch with the gods
Having dinner with the veterans
Over champagne they gon’ tell me who I’m better than
All them
Who’s that?
I aint say a name I said all them!
I’mma still shine even if the sky’s pourin…
FUCK THAT, even if the sky’s fallin’
They whispering,
Scared to say my name like abortion
All rhymers say lines in caution
I aint got a deal or endorsements
But at showtime know I gotta get a portion
Come from a
Long line of
Africana bossmen
We the slaves giving middle fingers at the auctions – PEACE!



Can yall hear me out there…uh
Yeah…yeah..yeah- uh!

I need you to believe!
That…you…are…the new…flesh (repeat)
Track Name: The New Flesh (Au Revoir) feat. Mic Blaque & Cavalier
Verse 1

With each step
I'm stronger with ever breath
Oh yes, my whole crew's like a
talented tenth, uh.
A ghetto boy turned Dubois
Poor kind, trynna bring
His grandmomma new joy
The noise, failure ring too many bells
The jail system like cancer
To many cells
Oh well, hard lines, Raz
Fallen on hard times
Map stars, trynna find God signs
We all shine, in due time
Black souls is fine wine
In tune with the roots
Of the Gods we intwined
Uh, new flesh we entail for the new climb
Of any old road or mountain that inclines
Descendant of the slaves we upgrade
Like a,
Underground railroad equipped with a-trains
We gon get bigger chips
Flow more rigorous
Futuristic black man
They on that old nigger shit!

Chorus x2
It's Au Revoir! Peace God
I'm on to the next bar
My phones off and I'm already on mars
I don't budge, I don't Dodge
New Flesh no room for the old scars
Track Name: THE MAN
I'm Poppa Joe Jackson, I don't give a fraction
I'm what you pay to see like a paralyzed backspin
Welcome to the faction. Let me bring the facts in
You don't want drama,
Cuz I bring the action-ask 'em
Top Dolla's like a unabomber
I got 'em all scared in the Hotel Rwanda
Trying to survive, I'm suggestin' that you hide
Cuz I'm performin' wack rapper mass genocide (HAA-HAA!)
I know that you sick of them, come and get your medicine
I'm the most feared revered of all reverends
Cuz I bring the Gospel-brand new testament
It's one sentence long, it go "PLEASE DON'T TEST THE MEN!"

You see I go-go busy when I put on my city
And I flow so sickly got a few nurses with me

You could front if you want, but you know that you a fan
But, on the really though I dont give a goddamn
But respect is what is givin, it's something I demand- my suggestion is you-

Call me king or El Presidente
Barack O'raz, sometimes I'm called sensei.
Me nah give damn about the things that they say
Cuz fuckin mine is no intellegente, comprende?
Uhm hol' up puta this is no pelicula but-
This is word playground 16 monkey bars
We in charge living large
Rest of yall are miniature
Please don't get involved not at all
You should get a job-huff!
We run the race, while you run in place- huff!
We the right clique but don't cut and paste - huff!
There is no debate cuz we dominate- huff
You know nothing given, know you gotta take
Take the dinner off ya plate
Top of that we want the cake
You a bitch, eat it in ya face what you gon' say?-
NUFFIN! so tell that sound boy stop frontin fo'
It's boom bye-bye like Monopoly production - ah!



Ok uhm...I'mma give it a rest
The message is sent, I already
Said I'm the best
But yet they contest, all yall need to confess
Cross the chest, mere mortals need to repent
I aint the man, I'm the god and you seem forget
Obscene as it gets, all yall need to respect
The long horned, strong armed, brahma bull emcee
Please, turn all beef in to mince meat (ah!)
Top Dolla R to the A-Z
Kash, YC, OISD, we-
True kings peasantry take heed
Move unison, legs of a centipede
We, wont stop
We, hard knocks
Plus blowin' spots, enemies blow cock!
Got damn what, you still don't understand you should-
Track Name: Get Mine
I’m gon get mine, I’m gon get mine
Tell me to slow down but I aint got time
Now, I’m gon get mine, I’m gon get mine
Tell me to slow down, but I aint got time
Now wont you get yours?
Hold up, get lost
No don’t wait for
Kick down break doors
Rather I take force than sit round pissed off
Cuz they migh take yours
Then take flight take off

Verse 1
Gone, cannonball
Royal like the Tenenbaums
Coming from the gutter where they be letting that semi off
But I like the challenge
Tell ‘em to send me more
They say I’m a demagogue
You sweeter than demi moore
Aw, very odd
My flow is peculiar
I said before but lemme tell you I’m a fuckin boss
Paper got that semi gloss
That mean I can kinda floss
That mean on occasions don’t give a fuck what it cost
Hah, you see me right?
Looking for them city lights
Haters hatin’ on your vision
Trynna block your sight.
But I aint stressing nah
I stressing cuz my auro got plethora
Of the early morning blessing hah-
You could watch the sunshine
Fighting with the sun rise
‘fore they called me top you know they used to call me Sun Raz
it’s perfect timing every time that I be rhymin’
so you know my aka’s that oozie in the army linin’!


Verse 2
Ah, bout to taste victory
Runnin through the finish line
Momma could you picture me?
A goner
Yes, on the way to makin history
A loner
Never in the company of misery
And I’m gon’ get mine, I’m gon get mine
Tell me to slow down but I aint got time
Yes that boy grind
See that boy shine?
Now they all wonder how the hell he aint signed…
For really though, how do I get overlooked
When every week I gotta show
Close to being overbooked
I’m on every mixtape. 16 or over hooks
Looking like a king like I’m on the side of all the rooks
But I’m over it
Tell them that I’m off that
Might’ve fell in battle but the war I never lost that
I could see the forecast
Believe that
Word to the curly hair on annie know the sun’ll shine clearly and
Track Name: Golden

You told me to stand up you told me to be strong
Trynna find my path but I’m so far gone
I been waiting on this corner for so goddam long
But you told me stand up!
You told me to hold on, what the fuck you mean?

Verse 1

My knees so weak
I got callus on my feet
From all this fucking concrete
But I’m still alive, so
I could never cry, I’mma
Grown ass man, better
Whipe your eyes…
See I’m still here, so I guess I’m doing fine
I’m trynna build mountains
My intelligent design
My literary mind
Drop bombs that’ll blow
Like they literally mines.
The shit is so divine
So if I ever die
Bury me with beats, or
You can spread my ashes on the Far Rock beach, cuz
Everything I said was for them Far Rock streets where
Everything you wanted was to far from your reach
My forearms bare
My rolled up sleeves, but I gotta thank God
No scars that I keep
‘cept the ones on the heart
the ones on the soul
I wonder if it matters if I never get the gold x3


Verse 2

What you fuck you mean
I’m trynna stay clean
I got snipers on the roof trynna kill my dreams
Running out of patience
Running out of time, pallbearers move a casket
Through the center of my mind
I’m your only friend that aint resort to crime
I’m the only star that had dared to shine
I was birthed in grime
My access denied
To the food and the water most take for granted
I was takin them chaces
I was looking for answers
I was with the devil doing 2-step dances
In a past life I was rolling with the Panthers
Shot down by cops, I wouldn’t put my hands up-
I shoot darts with each bar
Is like art, Mozart
And most all, I did it from the heart
I did it from the soul
I wonder if it matters if I never get the gold x3


What fuck you mean?
It aint all what it seems
My hand-me down jeans
Got me busting through the seems
Call me top dolla, you don’t know
RASHEEM, you don’t know
Where I been, you don’t know
What I seen
My whole life was like a Spike Lee Scene
I seen handcuff when I was 14
They said, “wake up no time to dream, so
You better stand up no time to lean!”
But I…go hard go after this
Till I’m a mothafuckin star like asterisk
Flow godly, like I’m blasphemous
I write rhymes on the rooftops of Nazareth
And…I climb mountains, you climb charts
I gain knowledge, you only trynna look smart
Homey where your heart?
Homie where your soul?
Don’t you know that every thing that glitters aint gold? x3

Track Name: nothing
Verse 1

My man Coole High said,
“never say try, you either
do or you don’t, you live or you die”
Still on the grind.
No never waste a second of mine
I’m trynna build sandcastles out the sand of my time
So if I make it mothafucka be glad for me
I wasn’t momma’s favorite but I never had to be
Nah…look out for niecey. She needs you more
I was too young I couldn’t see it before
Now that I’m older. It’s funny when I look at the past
The same nights you might’ve cried homey,
You might laugh. I wish we had a car
But thank you for the train
That’s how I navigate I make it through any terrain
Simple and plain: no never I ever refrain
That would be lame
No second is ever the same
Ha, the only moment’s the one you can grasp
It’s only now, irrelevant the future or past


Now I’m thinking bout the times we had nothing
…But that’s right now, you see I live for the moment
Sound good don’t it? Don’t it?
Now hands up if you want it!

Verse 2

Now my love get tainted
My heart get jaded
Will I forget yall if I ever make it…nah
Wont change not ever
Still the same me
Just the rhymes more clever
Whatever, so fuck the future
Toast to right now
Shout out to everybody holding me down
Uh, and god forbid
Forget my chick, who came to my shows
Still drove me back to the crib
Knew it’s my time, she put a watch
Over my wrist, so shorty’s a queen
And I could never call her a bitch
But…picture this
When life gets picturesque
I figure its gonna be harder to share a kiss
I could see it now…I’m probably on tour
And you’re at home steady thinkin’ that I’m with these whores
So just pause…before our life switch gears
And try to enjoy the moments that we have here, yeah

Chorus x2