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I flooded the streets
W/ the jewels I was looking for peace
So much stress on my mind got me my grinding my teeth
The enamel is peeling
You couldn't fuck with the feeling
You prolly reach for the ceilings and cry
Severe thanatophobia so much the mattress is feeling like Ethiopia
A smallpox blanket inside of the cornucopia
Everything they taught me's a fuckin cubic zirconia
Fuck living ya life we just Trynna to survive know some fathers that'll kill ya for a 9-5
Know some mothers that'll suck dick swallow their pride
Their sons aim sawed offs out the side of ride
Im just a...Far rock son of a beach
I took a bath but I still got sand on the feet
I swear to god ain't no love for the primitive beast
Culture vultures colonized streets

Ok it's too many woes
Not enough time
Sentence too long
Not enough lines
They don't want much
Give em more crime
They don't ever complain
Fuck it now everything's fine....

God is dead I feel like a black Nietzsche
I feel like the trap keep
Under the thumb numb
The reason they can't reach me
Deaf ears to the preachy
Blind to what they teAch me
Prays be like feces
its Bullshit
TD Jakes is on tv just to keep yo ass meek so he can remain greedy
I parlayed w/ needy
I heart scribble graffiti
I'm a mural on a project wall of Nefertiti
I'm gone
Ghost ridier Patrick Swayze on the J line
Heard niggas is still catching bodies on the A line
Heard I was smart and mothafuckas tried to murder me
Fake thugs the real OGs tried to nurture me
Get up off the block youngin you don't belong here
It don't make you a thug nigga cuz you was born here
War goin on rockets is GETTIN launched here
One shot will fold a mothafucka like a lawn chair


The sky is falling
My friends in coffins
The streets gasoline and the devils an arson
When I was a teen I got jumped on parsons
Just for looking at him wrong man fuck this nonsense
Fuck these projects
Shots went off thru the sheetrock
I'm Trynna tune it out with a beatbox
Got a CD full of beats from Pete Rock
Made a mixtape niggas told me to kicks rocks
Fuck hip hop I shoulda been a cop
Could've gave a teen a break if I seen em on the block
Chose to be an artist now we stuck in the same pot
All slaves and we stuck to the same knot
I can't do much from here
Just shrug my shoulders tell my little nigga swallow his tears
If you're thirsty
Your griefs not worthy
Prolly die in the same spot they birthed me


from REGULAR BLACK, released June 2, 2015
Prod. by Ten-O-Seven



all rights reserved


Top $ Raz Far Rockaway, New York

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